Projects Using Liams Music


(These are only the known ones!)


* Music in a TV commercial for Humana broadcast in America, Through Viacom, Time Warner and Cox Media.


* Music for a 10 year Anniversary Promo video for Cobb Tuning, based in Austin, Texas


* TV show Night of Hope From New York, shown on channel TBN in USA


* TV show Praise the Lord, shown on channel TBN in USA

* National TV advert in Hong Kong for Krystal Water, created by One Media

* Background music for an internet video called "15 Years of the Crucible" by Humanized Productions (based in USA)

* Music in a theatre production called "Janus" in Canada as part of the Sears Ontario Drama Festival.

* Music in a Minecraft youtube video by Nooch

* Music for science fiction writer SJ Parkinson who recently won an International Literary Award (beating JK Rowling! who was also in the running for it). The music is being used on his youtube videos to advertise his books.

* Music for a Radio Commercial for Bradley Gough Diamonds created by Freshley Media Inc.

* "Oprah and Deepaks 21 day Meditation Experience", Meditation video with voice over by Oprah Winfrey, Chopra Enterprises, DBA

* Delta Airlines, Major US Airline Corporate Video.

* RMS Corporate Meeting "Platform and Services" Video. by IMF

* Internet TV advert for Digiphotogroup, based in New York, USA

* American TV show "Spiritual Safari" by Dreamtime Entertainment (Emmy award winning producers), reality tv show about a family of film makers that live together.

* City Creek Santa's Arrival - Music for Santas arrival at the Holiday Event at City Creek Center, Utah, USA

* "Messiah" (DVD, CD-ROM or Product, Theater or Live Performance, Other/Miscellaneous) Description: downloadable video; played back in churches worldwide. by Deeper Impressions Media- USA

* Music for a funeral to accompany a video commemorating a relatives life.

* Choreography Dance Class Project (Internet, Theater or Live Performance) Description: for use in a high school choreography class. There will be a local performance for parents. - USA

* Website comic trailer by Tigerhot International - USA

* Music on an Unreal Tournament map by Warriors of Honour

* Loads of Flash games / animations online.

* Music on a game by Type B Productions

* Music for a game created by Greek University students

* Music for an entry submitted to a game programming competition

* Music in a school play by 7th graders in America

* Music on a game called MAMO by Soharix