Why do I have a "matched third party content" message next to my video on youtube?

For those who use my music in their online videos, you may have noticed that you receive a message stating “matched third party content” and that ads will be enabled on your video.


Why is this happening?

In an attempt to protect my intellectual property from improper and disallowed use, my work is registered with a company that scans uploaded content and flags it where it is deemed another creators intellectual property is being used.


The attempt of the company is not to stop people from utilising my music online; far from it as I encourage the free use of my work. Instead they are there to ensure that those who are using my music are doing so within the realms of what is allowed.


This means that those uploading commercial content or monetising videos without a license will be forced to have advertising on their videos or have the video removed.


It is also another small means of income for me as a new artist, without directly being paid by the user or listener. This is of course very helpful to my being able to continue to create new music.


How can I remove the ads?

To dispute the claim and remove the imposed ads on your video please follow youtube's instructions HERE


I hope this doesn’t become a problem and that you all still find using my music a convenient and practical option. I apologise for the inconvenience this may cause, but hope that the information provided in the link above will allow quick resolution of any queried use.