Show Reel




"Thanks so much for your effort. The music is perfect, no changes needed and the client had it confirmed yesterday."

Sharon Lai - One Media



"Hi! I will be using your ''A Moment to Reflect'' track for my upcoming project file, it's very beautiful! :)"

Marko Rakita - Pichwise



"I put together the slideshow, and it literally brought everyone to tears. The slideshow would not have been nearly as good without your soundtrack. Thank you so very, very much."

Joel Telling



"Liam, Thanks for the fast response and speedy turnaround time. Here's an extra tenner. Have a drink on me tonight."

S.J.Parkinson (author)



" I am very satisfied with the result and you are the first person I will contact in future projects."

Paliokas Ioannis (game designer)



"Sounds AMAZING! Thank you."

Yun Khang Lai - Sharky